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Our Oceans

These pages are dedicated to COOL VIDEOS and PHOTOS featuring the creatures found in our oceans through out the world.
We are excited to introduce our Oceans for Youth "Explore the World" video series. More Videos Coming Soon!

New Oceans for Youth "Explore the World" video series

Explore The World - IntroductionExplore the World
Explore the World - Bay IslandExplore the World
Bay Island
Family Week in Belize
Kids Vids

Oceans For Youth Foundation Educational Video Watch the Introduction
Featuring Leslie Neelson and Jean-Michael Cousteau.

Destroyer at Peace

Deeper & Longer Clown Fish Anemone Cleaning Station
Keido Molly Manta Rainforests of the Sea Sharks & Rays
Spotted Dolphins      

Our Fragile Seas

Galapagos Adventure

Mangrove Forests

Saltwater Eels - SeaScope

Jean-Michael Cousteau finds Nemo

Creature Features for Kids
A collection of wonderful videos created for kids by Jean-Michael Cousteau's Ocean Futures Society

What's That?
Hey kids, did you ever need to do a report on ecology? Looking for an idea for a Science Project? Maybe you are doing research on whales?  Check out these articles about Marine Life and have fun learning.